Event Rules


  • No complaining to volunteers. If you’re tough enough to finish these races, you’re tough enough to handle the inconveniences that come with every race. Talk to me (David) if there is a problem and I’ll work to address it. Violation of this rule will result in being cast into the outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  • Help the injured. If you don’t want to stop to help someone who is hurt, either sign-up for another race or be in front. No placement or time is worth ignoring the pain of a fellow runner.
  • No littering. Duh.
  • Headphones are fine but pay attention to your surroundings, especially around aid stations.
  • When on roads, run on the left side, inside the cones and facing traffic.
  • Trekking poles are okay but don’t stab the person behind you.
  • There is no cutoff for the 10K … just be sure to be done within 3 or 4 hours or we’ll come looking for you.
  • No shortcutting the course. Volunteers and/or timing mats will be in place to record runners who complete the out-and-backs.
  • Bring a water bottle or two because we will not be using cups on the course.
  • There will be a short prayer before the start of the race. If you will be offended by this, you can put in your headphones early.
  • We love dogs but this event is not for them. Take ‘em for a nice recovery walk later.
  • Parking is going to be an issue. Please carpool if you can.
  • Each runner’s bib will act as an access pass for the Camden Hills State Park for one day. Friends and family will have to purchase their own passes.
  • No pacers. You’re on your own for this one.
  • The first aid station is at the summit of Mount Battie. While friends and family can drive to meet you there, we discourage that. Instead, we would suggest they walk or run up the hill to reduce congestion on the road. Plus, they can cheer for other runners as they go along.


  • Carry plenty of water. This especially so if the weather is warm. There are a lot of brooks on the course that can be used if things get desperate. It’s good water but no guarantee you won’t get Ghirrardia. Symptoms won’t appear for several days anyway. Dehydration, on the other hand, is immediate and very dangerous.
  • The course will be well-marked. However, people do get off-course. If you go more than a couple hundred yards without seeing a sign or some flagging, turn around and go back until you see one.
  • Study the course before the race. Not only will it help you know where to go but it will also help you know when the climbs are coming.
  • Train for this event. Both are toughies and if you think this is an ordinary race, you could end-up in trouble.
  • Aid stations 3, 4, 5 and 6 will have snacks as well as water and electrolyte drinks. Aid stations 1 and 7 will have only water.
  • Use bug spray. Ticks are gross.
  • Use sunscreen. Sunburns hurt.