Megunticook 50

Brutal. Beautiful.

Brutal. Beautiful. Two words that only begin to describe this event in the remote Midcoast area of Maine. It’s the only race to be held in the popular Camden Hills State Park and the 50K traverses over 90% of the trails of this gem with a minimum of overlap. The views along the course are stunning and even the speedy “contenders” will be tempted to stop and take them in.

But it’s not a race for the faint of heart. Neither is it well-suited for the first-time ultra runner. There are over 7600’ of elevation gain and the trails are steep with lots of rocks and roots. If you’re not going up or down, you’re probably off course. The cutoff time may seem generous at 10 hours, but this course will beat you up physically and mentally. And while it doesn’t have the 3000’ climbs of some of the races in the West, it has more overall vertical than most of those and would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any of them for the level of difficulty. We’ll wait to hear from our finishers before declaring it the toughest 50K of any particular area.

It’s not a circuit run multiple times and there are only 3 out-and-backs of 1.7 miles, .15 mile and .5 mile. There are 5 aid stations, two of which are hit twice for a total of 7. You’ll top all 6 of the significant peaks in the park (Battie, Bald Rock, Derry, Frohock, Cameron and Megunticook), experience numerous lookouts and cross an abundance of brooks and streams along the way.

Course Information

Miles Pavement

Miles Closed Gravel Road

Miles Single Track Trails


  • Carry plenty of water. This especially so if the weather is warm. There are a lot of brooks on the course that can be used if things get desperate. It’s good water but no guarantee you won’t get Ghirrardia. Symptoms won’t appear for several days anyway. Dehydration, on the other hand, is immediate and very dangerous.
  • The course will be well-marked. However, people do get off-course. If you go more than a couple hundred yards without seeing a sign or some flagging, turn around and go back until you see one.
  • Study the course before the race. Not only will it help you know where to go but it will also help you know when the climbs are coming.
  • Train for this event. Both are toughies and if you think this is an ordinary race, you could end-up in trouble.
  • Aid stations 3, 4, 5 and 6 will have snacks as well as water and electrolyte drinks. Aid stations 1 and 7 will have only water.
  • Use bug spray. Ticks are gross.
  • Use sunscreen. Sunburns hurt.

Aid Stations

  • 2.4 mi to Aid #1 at Battie
  • 4.5 mi. to Aid #2 at Jack Williams
  • 7.4 mi. to Aid #3 at Ski Shelter
  • 14.4 mi. to Aid #4 at Lincolnville Entrance
  • 21 mi. to Aid #5 at Ski Shelter
  • 25.5 mi. to Aid #6 at Highway 52 (9-hour cutoff)
  • 28.3 mi. to Aid #7 at Jack Williams


  • Frohock (1.75)
  • Cameron (.15)
  • Zeke’s (.5)

Course Map